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June 12, 2019

At the end of last month, we hosted a ‘Dairy in the Dark’ experience. A pop-up shop experience on London’s famous Portobello Road, the event aimed to raise consumer awareness about light damage. This was a fun, interactive event with a serious meaning. The way that milk is currently packaged and sold, with no protection from light damage, means it would have to be kept in the dark for customers to get the same freshness, nutrients and taste they would expect from their milk.

We know how much people in the UK love milk, especially mums of young children keen to ensure their kids are getting the right nutrients for healthy growth and development. British milk is known for its quality and we want to make sure that its delicious taste and nourishing goodness is looked after so everyone can enjoy it at its best.

We were amazed by the impact the event had, with almost 600 people coming in to speak to us about the issue and 350 taking part in the immersive ‘dark aisle’ experience over the four days. It really reiterated to us how much people in the UK want to know about what happens to the products they love.

Watch the event highlights to find out more…