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5 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Nutrition

April 4, 2019

Whether you have a kid in school, pre-school or nursery keeping them healthy is often front of mind for parents. According to the Department for Education on average UK children miss over a week1 of school during term time because of sickness2. And any parent with children in nursery will know that they pick up their fair share of those pesky colds and bugs. So, what can you do to help?

We’ve pulled together top tips from leading nutritionists, childcare experts and scientists to help keep your kids healthy and fighting fit.

  1. Eat a healthy diet: We all know that getting fussy toddlers to eat anything can be a struggle. The BBC Good Food guide has plenty of tips to help you make sure they get the nutrients that they need.3
  1. Start the day right: Send them off to school with a brain boosting breakfast. Advice from Very Well Family, is to start the day with a healthy and wholesome meal. If schedules allow this can be a great time to get the family together too.4
  1. Keep them hydrated. Water is a great way for kids to stay hydrated without adding further calories to their diet. Milk helps them get essential and important nutrients too. Some great advice from Today’s Parent on how to keep your children hydrated even on the warmest summer days.5
  1. Boost their nutrition: It’s no secret kids like milk that’s delicious and we know it’s nutritious. But did you know that recent studies have shown that indoor lights can damage the freshness, taste and nutrients we love in milk before it even gets poured? So what’s the answer? Well, the good news is milk bottles can now be light-protected and certified to keep in all the yummy goodness your kids love. Find out more about how we are doing this here.
  1. End the day right: An average 5-year-old needs around 11 hours of sleep a night with the NHS recommending keeping screens out of the bedroom with it ideally dark with a temperature between 18-24C1.

We know you want the food and drink you give your family to be the best it can be. Here at Noluma we are equally as passionate about nutrition and health.

That’s why we’re working to protect the goodness in lots of the products and brands you and your family love.

Did you know for example, that indoor lighting can damage the freshness, taste and nutrition of some of our children’s favourite foods like milk? In fact, after just two hours of exposure to LED lighting – the type you often find in your supermarket – fresh milk begins to lose vitamin A. And after 16 hours, milk found in a typical plastic bottle will have just half the vitamin A it started with.

But, good news, it’s now possible to bottle the benefits! Milk bottles can be light-protected to keep in all the goodness your kids love.  Recent studies show that fresh milk protected from light remains fresher and tastier for longer.

It’s time to ask retailers and manufacturers for milk bottles and cartons to be light-protected and certified for our families. Learn more about light damage and join the campaign at